To those who think Ryse sucks

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It's actually a great game and I was amazed that it reversed what everything bad has been said about it in GS and IGN review. I wrote a review if you want to read it. In short, it's a great game, fun combat, engaging story, but people might not like how short it is. I like short games because I can play other games once I finish them.

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I really enjoyed Ryse, it's actually one of the few XboxOne games that I got a 100% achievements on. Setting, graphics , story are all great. The gameplay is simple arcade-like gameplay, that is based on good timing and reflexes, it's old-school and it's fun because it is not overly complicated. But, if you want to get the most points with the Legendary executions it is much more of a challenge.

I totally understand why some people didn't like it, but you would be surprised to see how many positive comments there are about this game. The online mode is also great and I loved getting all the different armors and I have a pretty crazy build now with really high health regeneration.

Anyways, glad you liked it TC, sometimes the critics can be wrong, there is potential for anyone to like any type of game, regardless of the general consensus.

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It was far too repetitive to me. I follow developers and I don't like new Crytek.

Eye-candy first, substandard game-play later. I have played tens of thousands of games though so my standards are very high.

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Watched some of a playthrough. Looked boring and the writing and story were lousy.

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It was better than I thought it would be. The controls are responsive enough. The game looks and runs pretty amazing, and the sound design is great. I absolutely love the face of the character as he's doing executions. It's priceless.

But in the end, it's just far too simple for me. There's nothing inherently wrong with simplicity in a game..I'd rather a game be too simple than too complex, but it just felt like a really unfulfilling game.

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I had fun with it, although it is mediocre imo. A solid 6/10 I would give it. Unlike some, I can have fun with these games. Its not all AAA or it sucks like you see often from gamers. It had a story, visuals, setting was awesome. Enemies were repetitive and where a game like God of War gets away with that is most enemies are zombies or demons or something like that. With an army of people it didn't work. But the timing of combat in higher difficulties does offer a challenge. I tried doing more play through but got bored. Haven't tried the online though.

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Yeah I enjoyed it... Definitely one of the better launch games on the 2 consoles. I liked it better than Killzone, that's for sure.

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I plan on getting Ryse once the price drops.

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Ryse sucked...and if Rise didn't suck then neither did Conan on X360 cause its exactly the same game.

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I think it has a lot more potential if they can bring skill tree that actually matter. You don't really unlock any skill to beat the game. In fact, I totally didn't know I have combat skills until I beat the game. I only did the passive skills.

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Got it with my one thought it would be good.... turned out I loved it. Every so often I go back and beat it again. Nothing about it stands out its just simple fun and sometimes that is all I need just good simple fun.

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Ryse really just was this incredible cinematic experience. It was more movie than it was game unfortunately. But none the less it had incredible graphics (best I've seen on anything!) Plus not to mention, crisp clean voice acting and a god damn incredible story! And whilst I loved the combat, I just wish the gameplay and levels themselves where just more fleshed out!!! I'd still give it like a 8/10.

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I think its a good game first game I bought for my X1 but its a bit short & I wish it had more wepon upgrades like diffrent shields, helmets & swords

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Ryse was the first game I played on the xbox one, and I was blown away by the graphics. Even the facial expressions from the characters looked real. I guess they could have done more such as more levels, but overall I thought it was and is a great game. I still play it from time to time.

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I played some of the game but i couldn't bring myself to finish the game i got bored with it.

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Full disclosure - I was not looking forward to Ryse. I thought it looked boring as hell in all of the videos and previews I watched for it prior to launch of Xbox One. However, as I hooked up my new XBO, I knew I wanted Dead Rising 3 so I downloaded that, but I also wanted a game that looked "next-gen" - a game to show off the new hardware; a game to give that "wow" moment we all want with a new box. I knew what had to be done. I had to download Ryse.

I played the hell out of that game on day one, and then day two, and on and on, until I beat it 3 times.

Ryse is my favorite game of this short generation so far. I can't exactly formulate a case on why I think its the best game of this short generation so far, but I can say that, without a doubt its the one that was most worth it to me so far. It "scratched that itch" that I had on day one. I've played it since to see if it was just the beauty of it that wowed me, but it wasn't. It's just fun to play. Fun to look at. Fun to listen to. Fun to take it all in.

Yup, I loved Ryse. I have a download of it, and I will be purchasing a hard copy of it and keeping it sealed for my collection, something I will be doing for all of my favorite games this gen.

Bring on a sequel!

Pro tip: Don't bother with any difficulty less than the max. Max difficulty is where the gameplay shines. It requires great timing and reflex. Requires you to really pay attention to the animation, as well as be very aware of your surrounding. Failing to do so won't get you very far.

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I read last month at many sites that due to a major dispute about the IP rights between Crytek and M$, the sequel was canned.

Plus, Crytek is in financial trouble. Maybe they shouldn't have spent so much money on an exclusive.

Crytek's Ryse 2 canned as financial struggle spreads to Shanghai (LINKY)

"Yesterday Kotaku reported that Ryse 2 had been canned because of a conflict between Crytek and Microsoft over who would own the rights to the franchise.

Eurogamer's own sources confirmed this today. One person close to Crytek told us a pre-production deal for Ryse 2 was on the cards, and that Microsoft wanted to do the deal, but its terms proved a sticking point.

Apparently, in exchange for funding Ryse 2's development, Microsoft wanted to take over the Ryse intellectual property, something Crytek couldn't agree to, so both parties decided not to continue. Retaining IP is important for independent developers, as we've seen from the likes of Bungie with Destiny and Respawn with Titanfall.

This, after German magazine GameStar said Ryse: Son of Rome's development was a "disaster".

Ryse, announced in 2010 as an Xbox 360 Kinect exclusive called Codename Kingdoms, was dogged by missed milestones and poor quality builds throughout its production - and at one point was nearly cancelled..."

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Going into this game with the right mindset helps. It's a very flashy hack-n-slash that can get repetitive at times, but then again, what game doesn't eventually end up like this? I really enjoyed the game and had hoped Crytek would release a sequel.

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I'm hoping it comes to games with gold or I'll pick it up on the cheap I really want to play it!

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I never thought it was bad.... I thought it was average/mediocre.

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I really enjoyed Ryse for what it is a simple fast paced slashfest . was better then a 4/10 more like a 7/10. It was the first gen8 game i finished. Everyone i know that has it likes it but they should drop the price to 20-25 now

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I am still waiting for the $30 edition.

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@nyc05: No offense but you bought a game you originally thought looked bad coz you wanted rye candy? A $60 download that you can't resell? Good that you ended up liking it but are you made of money? And buying a second copy just to have it physically? Why?

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I don't think it's a bad game. It's not a GREAT game, but not a bad game.

People who think that it's some kind of action adventure will be disappointed.

What it is is a Cinematic, Hack n Slash, Beat em Up game....Most Hack n Slash/Beat em up games are pretty repetitive, so nothing new.

If they had focused less on the graphics, and more on making the gameplay a lot better, it really could of been something special.

Once again, not a bad game, but not a really good one either. 6/10....Just my two cents.

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It isn't worth paying full price for Ryse.

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I can have fun with these games. Its not all AAA or it sucks like you see often from gamers. It had a story, visuals, setting was awesome. Enemies were repetitive and where a game like RS 3 Gold of War gets away with that is most enemies are zombies or demons or something like that.I loved getting all the different armors and I have a pretty crazy build now with really high health regeneration.

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I also enjoyed Ryse I think it only got bashed heavily because it was one of the first 'next gen' games to drop and people were expecting a lot.

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It sucked so bad that gamestop were getting so many returns on it. Only the hardcore casuals praised it.

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It likely does suck, and doesn't look all that appealing to me. But if Microsoft gave it out for free on Games with Gold, I'd likely download and play it, and get some enjoyment out of it.

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it's amazing

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The game was fun, It looked great, and controlled well. The problem with it, and what it got criticized for, was that it was very repetitive. Not only that but the story was story, They could have done so much more with the game, but gave us with what we were given. Its not a terrible launch game, but it was underwhelming in aspects.