Titanfall Collectors Edition Impressions Review & Unboxing

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Hey everyone, I picked up the Titnfall Collectors Edition and thought I would make a post on what I think of it. For the expensive price of $250 your can be an owner of 1 of 35 000 19" Atlas Titans that was hand painted. At this price its one of the most expensive collectors edition If not the most expensive. It comes in a huge box with a slipcover with great artwork that is half the size of my couch, people at my local EBGames attempted to pick their Collectors Edition by taking it home on the bus, all of them had to call a taxi or a friend to pick them up.

You get an Atlas Titan that is around 19" tall, and is made out of plastic. You also get two Grunt figurines that you have to assemble on the base. There is an enemy Pilot that is rodeoing the Atlas that has LED lights that change from Blue to Red depending on which faction you have the Atlas Titan set to. The Atlas also has the same colour LEDs along with some broken equipment that has a white LED and can be change by pressing a hidden switch that looks like a rock. The Atlas runs on three AAA batteries that are located in a hidden compartment at the base of the Titan.

What else did I get in the box you ask? Well there is a great hard cover art book called "The Art of Titanfall" which has many great colour printed concept art and general artwork, with information detailing what is being shown n the pictures, giving us some more lore and backstory for the Titanfall universes to read up on. They also included what looked to be a rolled up poster as depicted in the artwork on the back of the box of a Atlas Blueprint Titan Poster, but sadly the poster was folded despite being shown as rolled. For the price and size of the box I expected this poster to be rolled, so I hope any other publishers looking to release an expensive collectors edition, that they put the effort in including items collectors want. Oh and I almost forgot you get a retail copy of the game.

Was is worth it he money and am I happy with the craftsmanship? I don't believe it's worth the $249.99 EA is asking for it, and it would of been a much more fair price at around $199.99 - $219.99, but that doesn't mean I'm not happy with the purchase. Yes it he Titanfall Collectors Edition is expensive but I believe the craftsmanship in the detailed paintwork makes up for this, as it must of took someone in China two days to paint. I don't collect much things in life, but lately i'v been collecting more and more collectors editions for games with figurines and statues, it can be an expensive hobby but I like it.

Should you buy If can find one? Not unless you have the spare money to burn and the room to display this beast. I am putting it into storage until my basement room is renovated, where il have a bookshelf full of collectors editions of games.

If you wish to watch my Unboxing of the Titanfall Collectors Edition follow this link - http://youtu.be/RMcogAuv8IM

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All collectors editions to me are a waste of money, but this one is nice if you're into that sort of thing. I look at that and think the 40 year old virgin, but at least his collection was worth money. This will be just another huge toy/non toy taking up space collecting dust. For the price they should have included all the map packs etc. The kid in me does want that, but the grown man in me says for how much I'll pass.

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Nice one, but to be honest I wouldn't see myself spending that kind of money on a collector's edition. The statue and content might be nice, but I'd only look at it a few times than put it to the side.

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Damn, I didn't know how big the box was until you stood next to it. I like the attention to detail on the Titan. It's not cheaply made.

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Well, I was a gamer when I was much younger. I play online mostly now to keep up with my friends that I don't see often. I played the beta for the game and fell in love, like I was that 10 year old kid again, watching Mortal Combat and Streetfighter eat my quarters. I saw the demo reel for the construction of the collectors edition Titan and was sold. If not anything but a nice ornament for my desk or shelf....it will add an insight to my character people don't know about me, and I could not think of a greater way to show my appreciation for a game that takes me back to the excitement that I felt as a child gamer about a game. Is it worth the money? It inspires a feeling in me and is a very creative piece of artwork....though a season pass would have definitely made that price point softer to swallow. For those that have purchased the collectors edition, think of it as a piece of a new company that has possibly changed the way and or construction of the day and age of FPS....we have a box of history! Happy gaming to everyone!

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So this is made out of plastic? Is it cheap plastic or nice solid resin?

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@xninjagrrl: It's made out of plastic, and from what I've heard and seen it's of really good quality. Funny thing is I've checked eBay recently, and the collectors edition for Titanfall are going for around $600. Now that's the asking price, I'm not saying you'd get that from auction but I guess one idiot would pay the premium. Crazy how people take advantage of stupid people when it comes to special editions.