Three Generations

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I dusted off the original Xbox while setting up the One next to my 360 for a unique photo op. I purchased the Xbox and One on launch day, and the 360 a month after launch, so here are a few shots of the original console from each generation side by side:

Excuse the enormous Verizon router.


Original Xbox controller, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

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God, the Duke

What an awful controller.

When Shaq says a controller is too big in his hands you redesign lol

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Pardon my ignorance on the matter but are there really that great of improvements of the xbone vs the 360? Im more of a casual than core gamer but it seems to me that its pretty similar at least in terms of graphics and features...

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The graphics are a vast improvement. The hardware is an improvement in every area. The Kinect is better(if the games didn't use the controller, you seriously wouldn't need it), there's more storage, it has a blu-ray player, can interface with other components(like you can set it to turn your tv off and on for you), etc.

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Same I have all three, only difference is I have the rare Limited Edition for the first Xbox, My 360 is the Slim version (newer than ur one) and the Xbox One is the Regular Edition. I see your a loyal and original Xbox fan like me, Good to see, I am aswell! Keep on Keeping on!

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i have xbox and xbox360 i hope on the future buy xbox1

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That's awesome, nice pictures. Haha that big original Xbox controller brings back some fond memories. I remember my little brother couldn't even hold it up properly it was that big, he had to rest it on the floor to use it properly.