Things Microsoft should fix? (software updates)

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- Have automatic recording in the background like on PS4. I hate having to manually snap the app every time I want to record my game.

- Fix the slooooooow upload speeds when using the Upload app. It should not take 20 minutes to upload a 5 minute clip.

- Increase total recording time to 15 minutes.

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This is probably better suited as a blog, unless you're asking us what we'd like to see fixed? Personally I want them to fix the install times for games I find they take too long, especially when done by disc. Also when you're downloading something show us how much hours/minutes are left rather than just showing what percent it's on. That's all I can think of for now, pretty happy with everything else.

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The extremely stupid reason that kinect is needed when I want to upload my captured gameplay....It hurts me I can't show the world some Jago comebacks in KI!

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@tendoboy1984: i got a good one that they need to fix..... the lack of games.

you know... the entire reason most people bought the system? everything else in inconsequential. going on 6 months since release and still almost nothing to play. i didnt realize i was buying a nintendo console when i purchased my xbox one. this was the description of the first year of xbox 360, from 2006:

"Happy birthday Microsoft, your sleek creamy console is a hit.

One year after its rushed launch -- replete with scratched discs, broken systems, and a dearth of consoles in the heart of the holiday -- Microsoft has overcome technical and production issues and is hitting full stride. One year after Perfect Dark, Kameo, andProject Gotham Racing 3, we actually have Gears of War, Viva Pinata and 158 other games in our hands."

over a 150 games in the first year? xbox one is going to be lucky to hit 60 or 70....

sure everyone talks about how we had the most games ever at launch this gen.... but this is easily the longest any console has gone post launch with such a drought. most launches take 6 months to really get going.... this gen though? we really only have maybe half a dozen actual next gen games even ANNOUNCED at this point... let alone coming this year.

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Better video player worst I have used.

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How about the ability to default to TV when booting up? My family hates having to also boot up the controller, then navigate through Xbox One menus just to watch TV.

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I am not sure if this is an Xbox or EA issue, but man, they need to fix it so when you play Fifa 14 on Ultimate Team you don't need to invite somebody already in a party and in the game into a game party then invite them to the game in Fifa. It just adds so much more messing around with the user interface and adds unnecessary steps to this.

Also its a similar issue with Forza Motorsport, it would be nice to be able to have a party mode where you can search for games with your friends rather than having them accept invites and not be sure if they are joining your game or not.

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Better Netflix app, I want to slide the progress left and right like Xbox360. Allow system reboot without holding power button on the machine. Add indie channel within 2 years. Separate BR games away from arcade games, like Xbox360. Still missed the X360 shortcut menu, I don't know how to get it back, but, I miss it.