The Return of Splitscreen Coop

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Posted by jrabbit99 (2835 posts) -

It's been a while since I've thoroughly enjoyed splitscreen coop. Sure the last few Call of Duty games had Spec Ops and zombies, but none of them ever felt that polished. The coop missions had no story, and they didn't feel that polished. The Spec Ops missions were taken directly from the campaign. Now I haven't finished playing through the campaign of Blacklist, but I can say that each coop mission feels unique. Not only are there cutscenes and story elements, but they are missions that feel like they are meant for two players. Each coop mission feels unique and lengthy. They can easily take 30 minutes to complete, as opposed to the Spec Ops missions that take only 5 minutes. And, no matter what anyone says, there is something special about playing with a friend beside you, than over Live.

To make things even better, the upgrades system keeps you begging for more missions. There's a drive to unlock every gadget and weapon because each gadget fundamentally alters gameplay. Using a drone to stun enemies plays differently than using a frag grenades. Splinter Cell is stealth based, but not every single mission requires it, leading to varying tactics and replayability. Theres nothing like failing with one strategy, only to change it on the fly. The maps feature multiple paths to each objective to fit any play style. Of course, performing timed takedowns with a partner is more fun than running and gunning, but the option is always available after you get detected. Well, usually available. There are some missions in which detection means failure, but that makes cooperative play all the more important and raises the tension to new levels.

There is never a dull moment in the missions, whether its zip-lining to an objective, avoiding snipers in a mine field, or sneaking around a military compound. Missions are filled with constant tension that always have you wondering where the enemy will appear. And while enemies generally stick to the same pattern, they sometimes change their routes keeping you on your toes.

Simply put, Blacklist is the coop game of the year. I have never played another game that has better coop.