The Game DVR quality is so bad it is pointless.

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I recorded a load of Forza 5 footage and watched it back on my PC and it looks like the bitrate is so low because it's like watching a really low quality video but at 720p.... it isn't even watchable :\

What it looks like for me and the image isn't even downgraded... no detail in anything and only worse in fullscreen on a 1080p monitor.

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What detail are you missing? The road? According to the speedometer you're doing 56mph, so I'd expect some motion blur on the ground.

I've also recorded several clips and uploaded them to my skydrive. They look pretty much like the game.

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The bitrate is so poor, it only records in 720p and only at 30fps...... like my bitrate says 2.5mbps :\ It is terrible! To top it off you can only record 5 mins at a time... how pathetic is that?

On my PC I can record endlessly with Nvidia shadowplay at 1080p with game like quality and I don't lose a single frame.

The GameDVR is so bad it'll never be useful and you end up using a capture card still.

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You must be doing something wrong, the stuff I did looks great.

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There is a loss in quality but it still looks acceptable. They had to compromise between quality and file size otherwise it would take too long to upload this new feature I captured so much stuff with it.

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Wondering if the XB1 does some sort of regulation for bandwidth. I went back and checked all my video downloads and they're all a little over 4mbps which is right around what it reports my upload speed as.

And, like rrjim1 says, they look fine to me on multiple devices (from phone to 60" HDTV).

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It might be because they're uploaded to Skydrive and apparently that reduces the quality, however you're not given any other choice to export them....

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SkyDrive does not convert the video, it simply store the uploaded file. I guess Xbox One encoded the video with lessor quality, which is understandable. It wouldn't want to blow up 500GB HDD for just recording few videos.

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Yeah it would take forever to upload a 1/1 quality video, I'm happy they are downgraded in quality so I can spend more time gaming than waiting for the upload.

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dvr quality does suck sucks...

MS needs update it for much better quality, OR at least offer a option to increase it.

Look at my video, NFS looks GREAT, but this ais blurry mess

Loading Video...

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@sailor232 said:

Yeah it would take forever to upload a 1/1 quality video, I'm happy they are downgraded in quality so I can spend more time gaming than waiting for the upload.

currently system is set up where you must stay on the page to upload, but with the x1 apps can remain running in the background so it can be updated to allow background uploads.

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It does indeed seem to be fairly bad, I fully expect it to get better as they update the software though.

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Wait, we're going off demos uploaded to YouTube? YouTube DOES re-render the video, lowering the quality.. How is this proof of anything?

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I turned off that it auto records. Peggle 2 was frickin recording clips every second.

I'm already over the Twitch thing on the PS4 too. I watched that the first couple days and haven't been back since. I guess I'd rather play games on my new consoles than watch others play games.

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Guess its expected unless you want to fill up your HDD within one night.

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My quality has been fine. I'll show stuff I recorded using Game DVR via the iPhone's Smartglass app, and they all look great.

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Is this a serious thread? It records in 720P because to record everything in 1080p would take a insane amount of space....

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