Some good clan names???

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im not recruiting or anything but does anyone have any good clan names that are interesting or funny...this clan could be for any game on the 360 but a clan that could represent us fellow gamespoters...someone made a post earlier about a clan name for gamespot but i thought maybe we should follow through with this...whenever you play call of duty let people know your from gamespot. or if you play gears of war or halo...just something i thought that would be pretty cool to do....give me some responses....if anyone wants to add me my GT is in my sig....

#3 Posted by Hakud0ushi (7613 posts) -
Red Faction [RF] ;)
#4 Posted by RAMRODtheMASTER (8107 posts) -
A few suggestions: The Gamespotters The Gamespot Brotherhood The Brotherhood of Gamespot Team RAMROD
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GspotF - Gamespot forum lol
#6 Posted by chaoscougar1 (37049 posts) -
The Lost and the Gamespotters
#7 Posted by PSN-SCRODE (652 posts) -

ROAR= Really Outrageous Awesome Raptors

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Scrub Dusters
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oooo Ghostbuster's Impulsive Squad, GiS
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Gamespot Veterans is all I can come up with.
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i would say Anthrax Lord's idk its the only thing i could think of for right now. :shock:

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Efficient Omniscience.

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GSJ- Game Spot Junkies

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haha those are some good names