Selling a 360 with Games on Demand on it

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Hello, I'd like to sell my 360 in the near future (it's a slim 250gb model) with my Games on Demand on it and I would like to switch to Xbox One, but I'd like to keep my profile and gamerscore on Xbox One. So, what's the best way to let the new 360 owner have all my games, but for me to retain my gamer profile without the new guy being able to use my gamertag?

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Please, could anyone kindly help me?

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I think the buyer just needs to use his profile before to play the games already on the xbox. All games I purchased can be accessed by other profiles. I never tried deleting my profile yet, but i think it should work.

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When you get WonD, the console gets the license to those games, so they can be accesable by other accounts, the problem is the new owner won't have a guarantee that you will migrate your profile

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Delete your profile on the 360 and recover it on the XB1 to keep your profile and Gamerscore.

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Can I create a generic account on that 360 to be sold and just transfer licenses? Or is that function only for switching content between different consoles and not accounts?

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don't sell it you'll regret it imo.

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You can't sell Games on Demand

If you don't listen to me you're going to make sure that you and the person who bought your console are both banned from Xbox Live

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There's no way of selling with games on demand as it's attached to your gamertag, unless your gamertag is also being sold (DONT DO THAT!!!)? Otherwise, they'll only be able to play physical games and any games attached to his/her gamertag.

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I'm not selling my gamertag, no way! But it's way lame, since I've been buying digital copies on sales lately thinking they'd increase the resell price. And Xbox One is NOT backwards compatible!!! WHY??? It's a lose-lose situation. There's gotta be a way! So, at worst, I'd have to simply change the password in my profile and keep it there, in order for the new owner to NEVER log in but tell him to NEVER delete it either. So that if I buy Xbox One, I could safely transfer my profile, I guess?

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Shouldn't have bought digital games on an assumption. Either give up the gamertag or take the loss.

I ONLY buy exclusive XBLA games, never buy digital "games on demand" games I can buy at retail. If it's cheap on XBLA, it's on sale at retail that same year...and you can sell the retail version by themselves or in a bundle.

That said, I own hundreds of XBLA games, but I know I can't resell them and that is why I bought them dirt cheap, and not one of them when I bought them were available at retail. You can find sooooo many cheap games at retail NEW, and if you deal with used, even better.

Digital has too much DRM to deal with, and as a collector I cannot abide. As a gifter and a seller, I cannot support digital when retail physical games are just as cheap.

You could have bought those games retail and still bundled them with your 360 purchase and that would have increased the value. As it stands, I don't see an easy way out of this mess.

THERE is a lesson here though about digital game purchases, so take the lumps and learn the lesson.

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That's why Microsoft wanted to initially implement their DRM policies for Xbox One, though and now I'm beyond mad this thing isn't happening because those loud screamers who were against it can't even think logically for a milisecond!

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Sell your gamertag for 200 dorrah! Yes fair price, consider please.

Lol nah I'm joking dude sorry for taking the piss whilst you're suffering. I guess buying digital seems alright until you want to sell your console, take it on the chin and move on with life.