save game to a usb flash drive?

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I have a xbox 360 with no harddrive am am trying to save my game profile to a 1 gb transcend jet flash flash drive, does anyone know the difference between the sandisk crossfire that makes it able to read from it is?
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i didn't think you could save games to a flash drive?
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i didn't think you could save games to a flash drive?tgschmidt


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You can only store things like games, themes and profiles on either a memory unit or hard drive that only works on the Xbox 360.
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i must have read wrong i thought it said it could hold game data
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Try this: :D
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Yes you can save to a flash drive but the flash drive needs to be over 1 gb and less than 16 gb.. i have a 8gb one and use it all the time but some times it stops working and all my data is lost.. so its safe to use a hdd than a usb.. but yes u can use an USB