Saints row or GTA?

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#1 Posted by sdmg (8 posts) -
Being a fan of both GTA and saints row i wanna know what you prefer and why! (Due to thq breaking up the business there will be no more saints rows :( )
#2 Posted by AMG (16 posts) -
I like Saints Row but overall I enjoy the GTA series more. GTA3, VC and SA were so much fun.
#3 Posted by dramaybaz (6020 posts) -
I prefer GTa, Saint's row felt too juvenile, and I wasn't immersed in the world that much.
#4 Posted by mrgab (23312 posts) -
Saints Row for fun gameplay, activities, controls. GTAs world looks prettier.
#6 Posted by MercenaryMafia (2917 posts) -
GTA San Andreas > all
#7 Posted by MW2ismygame (2183 posts) -

Saints row for wacky humor and lots of crazy fun.


GTA for a more serious and realistic tone, with fun that is grounded in reality. 


both games are great and you wont lose no matter which one you pick. 


another analogy would be, SR is Austin Powers and GTA is 007. 

#8 Posted by destinhpark (4756 posts) -

I have a big feeling that once GTAV comes out, Saints Row will be thrown into the dark.

#9 Posted by Thefatness16 (4672 posts) -

Saint's Row 3 is my favorite game of either franchise. Solid gameplay with excellent mission design.

#10 Posted by insane_metalist (6899 posts) -

Overall GTA! But GTA IV wasn't that good.
I do like Saints Row series. I perfer Saints Row The Third over GTA IV. 

#11 Posted by sukraj (24001 posts) -

I prefer Saints Row.

#12 Posted by Granny_Spanked (1326 posts) -
They are both great in their own ways GTA- Better plot, multiplayer, characters, dlc Saints Row- Better gameplay, side missions, interactive world
#13 Posted by Husko (162 posts) -

GTA if you have already seen boobies in real life. Saints row if you are already a little bit dumb.

#14 Posted by Mo-licious (600 posts) -

Overall GTA! But GTA IV wasn't that good.
I do like Saints Row series. I perfer Saints Row The Third over GTA IV. 

I totally agree with this comment. I loved the GTA's but IV was my least favorite. I played it to the end to make sure I gave it a good chance but I was happy to be done. SR is a lot of crazy good fun. I can't wait until GTA 5 is released as it sounds like it's going to be more up my ally!
#15 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -

sleeping dogs...

#16 Posted by shaunchgo (4605 posts) -
GTA definitely. Saints Row just isn't my cup of tea... almost feels as if it's best suited for teens.
#17 Posted by GeneralMufinMan (387 posts) -
GTA in general, but Saints Row The Third would win in any individual match up, that game is just crazy ass fun
#18 Posted by youngmurk911 (3892 posts) -

gta by a landside, saints row is not bad though by any means

#19 Posted by CTR360 (7388 posts) -
GTA series
#20 Posted by Azorius_Senator (43 posts) -
I have always enjoyed GTA games more, Saints Row games always felt lame to me and I lost interest in them quickly.
#21 Posted by a55a55inx (4188 posts) -
GTA. I found Saints Row to a fun and entertaining distraction, but GTA just feels more solid. You can feel the production values in each of the games, and Saints Row is clearly not at the level of the GTA series.
#22 Posted by Jaz0 (89 posts) -

It really depends on what you value in these types of games. Saints row is more for players who just want to mess around, the story is nothing to follow, the missions are repetitive and fairly simple, however there is a very vast and complex custimization system which can be very fun to play around with if thats your kind of thing. GTA games are more focused on realism of the gameplay and the storyline. In my youth I actually preferred saints row games before GTA because there was soo much more to do and you could play the game for hours after the main storyline. However now that I have grown older I seem to prefer GTA as it just seems like a more solid game thats more worth my time. In the end their both great games, just depends on what kind of gamer you are. Choose wisely ;p

#23 Posted by Rattlesnake_8 (18418 posts) -
GTA. Saints Row 2 was fun.. 3 was just.. meh. I have enjoyed every GTA game since the original when it was a top down view.
#24 Posted by contracts420 (1956 posts) -

Easily Grand Theft Auto, especially GTAIV.

Saints Row has plenty of stuff to do, little of it is actually satisfying however. The mission design is rather bland, stitched together, poor enemy placement hampered by brain dead A.I and enemy spawn points. The motivations and execution of these missions are clumsily thrown together in a cobbled mess, often due to the piss poor story and characters.

The vehicle handling in SR1 and SR2 was downright atrocious, feeling more like driving a 10'000 pound fridge on plastic wheels. The poor physics implementation on vehicles also did some harm, leaving jumps and high speed crashes unsatisfying. Saints Row 3 was a much better driving experience than its predecessors, but still needs pressure sensitive driving as well as a completely overhauled damage modeling system.

Volition took the lazy route in terms of its wanted mechanic, having police and gangs constantly aware of the players position in the game world and spawning on their *** at an alarming rate. This is something Rockstar aimed to fix in GTAIV and did a fantastic job, creating a methodical game of cat and mouse.

GTAIV got so many elements right, but had to shake off some of the excess fluff in order to do so. It was a case of back to basics, trimming off all the fat and rebuilding everything from the ground up in a tremendous way, laying an incredible new foundation for future iterations. With incredible physics and damage modeling, vastly improved A.I and weapons mechanics, well implemented cover mechanic and probably the most realised city of any sandbox game ever created. Mix all of this with a well written story and well designed missions, an incredible multiplayer offering and you got an instant classic. the GTAIII of the current generation.

#25 Posted by Mooby0308 (54 posts) -

I really like GTA more as a story and didn't really enjoy Saint Row. That is until I played Saints Row the Third. SR was a extremely fun game and now I look forward to both series. That being said I would choose GTA over Saints Row if they released on the same day.

#26 Posted by mrgab (23312 posts) -
The driving controls and camera were horrible in GTA. While GTA was pretty and had a good story(except for the constant annoying phone calls), I kept wanting to go back to San Andreas to ride my bike. And hated even more the flying controls, even in San Andreas could never finish the flying missions. With that, would even rather play Bully SE over GTA4. Would list my gaming experience as: Saints Row 2 > San Andreas > Saints the Third > Bully SE > GTA 4
#27 Posted by 3dfd (767 posts) -

San Andreas/GTA3/Vice City > SR2 >SR3 > GTA4

#28 Posted by Dexter-010 (494 posts) -
I like them both but I prefer Saints Row a little bit more because you can't take the game very serious. It's just hilarious what you can do in those games. Especially in part 3. That's the best Saints Row for me.
#29 Posted by NicotineKid (1475 posts) -

Saints Row 2 and GTA: San Andreas, I can't chose between them.

#30 Posted by Zombiekiller360 (380 posts) -

GTA is the best hands down 

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