Q: About Backwards compatibility for Xbox 360

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I know that you need an official Microsoft X360 hard drive to play original xbox games on. However, can those original xbox games be saved to the hard drive as well? I know it's probably a stupid question but this is my first time owning a Xbox 360.

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Just so you know, yes you need a HDD.

Yes, it also saves the games too.

Also, not every Xbox game works, it's hit or miss so don't go buying a bunch of Xbox games with the assumption they will all work on 360. Some games work, but there are added glitches, some games work great, and others don't work at all.

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Most of the popular Xbox games are but your are going to want to do a search "list of games for xbox that play on the 360". I looked a the Wikipedia page and it give a list of games and the compatibility to the 360. I played the Punisher on my 360. It plays well but their are a few the frame rate dips. It saves to my HDD with no problems.