Purchasing used X1 with "installed" game

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Hi all,

Simply a quick question: I'm new to the Xbox world. I got offered a good deal on an X1 bundle - the seller is saying the console comes with Titanfall already digitally installed into the console; however, my concern is can I actually access the game if I buy it?

I know it is installed in the console, but perhaps you need his account to actually play it, maybe there was a licensing link between the game and his account so that only he can play it?

Many thanks

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As long as its the digital download and not just installed from the DVD you will be able to play it. It will work for any user on that box. If you delete the install though you will not be able re download it.

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HOWEVER IIRC it will only work if the original purchaser leaves his profile on the xbox and lets you add yours as a child account.

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Are you going to be a child account under the original purchaser?

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Sounds risky and it's too much effort. You'll have to really trust the seller, because you'll have to create a child account under his user like Solid said. How much cheaper are we talking? How much is he offering the console for.