Plants vs zombies ... Oh the pain

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So for a game that is basically online only you would expect the servers to work right. How wrong you would be you silly people. Earlier today I was able to connect and get some game time in, now...error, failed to join game over and over. I miss the simple times when you bought a game and it worked right out of the box.

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One Word (Or two if your picky): EA

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And I thought it was because of my location, I keep getting thrown into empty matches, I blew up a few cars and left.

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@GuitarSmash said:

One Word (Or two if your picky): EA

money grabbers

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I think this is why MS will have their own servers for Titanfall. EA's servers suck big time. For a company as big as EA, you would think they would have servers that work right.

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Maybe no one bought the game, so there's no one to connect to.

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like everyone says.

EA... They are literally one of the worse with servers

SO glad titanfall will be running on MS servers

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I had good luck during the day yesterday but then it got to the point i couldnt even get into a game around dinner time. Late night i was having really no troubles at all, and today i havent had one problem... They were supposed to shut down the servers and fix the last night at 2 a.m. but i dont think they did because i played late last night and it was never down.