Original Xbox Repair

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Does anyone know of an original xbox refurbish service? I was interested in simply getting my old xbox repaired rather than buying one from gamestop for the sentimental value of it as well as hopefully keeping the save games on the hard drive. Even if the hard drive isn't saveable I was catiuous a couple years back and saved all my important save games onto an original xbox memory card :P Such as my countless... countless hours spent on Dynasty Warriors 3 :D


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they can reppair it on microsoft have you tried calling technical support?
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As opposed to getting it fixed, you should look into the repair yourself, get some cheap replacement parts, and a mod chip (xecuter3 is what I have).

I have a 250 gig hard drive in my old box, around 40 games and 30 movie saved directly to the HDD, and a great media player, and decent web browser.

If nothing else, you'll have a lot of fun getting aquainted with the sytem like most people never do.

Even if you do screw up, replacement parts will always be cheap on ebay.

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I would probably just buy a refurbished one if I were you. I doubt microsoft does repairs for the original xbox anymore and if they do it would probably cost more. Heres a refurbished one for $60 and it comes with a controller.