Need Oblivion help, lost the Crusader armor because of infamy

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#1 Posted by creeping-deth87 (785 posts) -
Okay, I did an assassin's guild quest and it got my infamy up to 2. I can't equip the crusader's gear, the game says you can put them back on only once you've completed the pilgrim's way. Well I did it once, and at the final shrine it was still telling me to continue searching for forgiveness. So I went through and did all of them again, and the same thing happened. Is this a glitch? What else must I do to be able to wear the stuff again?
#2 Posted by werthog14 (420 posts) -
try getting your fame to outweigh your infamy? im not sure.
#3 Posted by Legendaryscmt (12532 posts) -
I would check in the menues what the infamy is, and make sure that you actually visited all of the shrines.
#4 Posted by creeping-deth87 (785 posts) -
My fame is at 68, my infamy is at 2. I am absolutely 100% positive I visited all 9 shrines.
#5 Posted by Legendaryscmt (12532 posts) -
I'd try it one more time. If it still doesn't get rid of your infamy...might be glitched.
#6 Posted by creeping-deth87 (785 posts) -
Nothing. Three times visitng all 9 shrines, and it still says I must repent for your sins.
#7 Posted by Macleod89 (1 posts) -
i didnt loose the armor or do any thing bad i took it off and put in a chest in the assians guild and i whent back and it was gone and dont have the map of the wayshrines what do i do?
#8 Posted by riefer2001 (1 posts) -
I had this same problem. I got infamy so I had to stash the crusader armor. I stashed it in the sanctuary in cheydinhal until I was done with the assassin's guild quests and now it's gone. What should I do? Is there anyway to get the armor back or fix this? I'm playing on the PS3, dunno if that makes any difference
#9 Posted by Shampt (1 posts) -
You try going to the "priory of the nine"'s shrine in their chapel? Just a suggestion.