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yesterday i moved my xbox to the basement and hooked it up to xbox live through the wirless device. it worked. today i moved it back upstairs and hooked it up through a cable and i couldnt connect to xbox live. i first got an error that my IP address failed. so then i manually changed it so it would work. then i got a DNS failure. i did the same thing and manually changed it. Now it says my MTU failed. i looked online and it said i have to set my routers MTU to 1364-1492. i did that and it still doesnt work. i did not get a different router and nothing new was set up to the network. how do i fix this.

please help

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Try resetting the router, therte's probably a button on it that you can hold for about 5 seconds. This will erase all of your existing settings though so be sure to write down anything you want to change back.

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ive done that allready and nothing worked
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try bypassing the router completely and plugging right intothe modem. If it works this way then it is a setting somewhere in your router. If it doesn't work when hardwired directly into the modem then it is an issue with your ISP or modem. Once you isolate the actual problem it will be easier to fix.
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nope doesnt work with the modem
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i found this thread on the internet but i dont really get the last part

re: MTU failed on XBOX 360 Live setup and connection test and a possible way to fix it

Howdy. After a good 6 hours of of trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with my router because I was looking through a ton of inaccurate advice from the net, I finallly got the 360 to work. Here's how it went (I'm on Telus Internet in Canada):

1) Unplug Xbox 360 from the dsl modem
2) Turn on Xbox 360
3) Scroll left to get to the "Systems" page
4) Scroll down to get to "Network settings" and press the A button
5) In The "Network settings" page scroll down to the "edit settings" page and press the A button
6) In the "Edit settings" page scroll left to get to the "Additional settings" page
7) In the "Additional Settings" page scroll down to get to the "Advanced settings" page and press the A button
8) On the very bottom left hand side of this page is the default MAC address for your Xbox 360 system. It is also reffered to as "the console's MAC address if no alternate address is specified". Write this MAC address down and make sure that it is a 12 digit/character address that usually starts with two zeros.
9) your Internet Service Provider help line to find out how to log into your "Online cutomer access site" so that you can change your MAC address this case...change it anytime you want to. It is important to note that there most likely will be a restriction happily provided by your Internet Service Provider that WILL ONLY ALLOW YOU TO HAVE TWO OR THREE MAC ADDRESSES AT ONE TIME. For example, if you have a computer hooked up to a router and your Xbox 360 connected to that same router then you will be unable to use a second computer connected to the same router if your ISP only allows, let's say, two MAC Addresses for your account/phoneline/cable line.
10) Once inside your personal ISP account administration site ( that means that somehow by talking to your ISP help desk you managed to get them to tell you how to access your "personal internet administration site" ), locate the area that will allow you to MANUALLY set your MAC addresses in your ISP (I am definitely NOT referring to setting your Mac Addresses in your computer or Xbox 360. I am referring to physically typing in your Xbox 360's MAC address into your ISP's administration site). Before you do this, go to this site in order to find out what your computer's MAC address is (at least the computer that you still want to keep running on the net because if you are only alowed two MAC addresses on your ISP like i was then you'll have to give up one of your computers to get that Xbox 360 up and running). Remember that the MAC address is 12 digts/characters long and usually starts with two zeros. Now pick which computer (ie. MAC address) you want to NOT have internet access with and find the corresponding address in the "personal ISP administration site manually setting MAC Address area". Note that the MAC Addresses will look slightly different ( may use colons instead of dashes and may be less one or two digits but will look generally the same). In the MAC address slot you choose to replace, enter your Xbox 360's MAC Address that you got from the above steps. Enter all 12 digits/characters with colons between every two digits/characters (or dashes depending on how it looks on the site, or whatever you see them using). Find the "submit" button that makes the change permanent. The site will adjust the number accordingly. Log out. Keep a clear record of these MAC addresses available for yourself.
11) Plug in your Xbox 360 into your router or modem and reboot your Xbox 360. Perform "Xbox Live test" in the "Systems' page. According to my calculations you should be up and running.

Note: most modern routers will run at 1500 MTU which is more than enough to run an Xbox and a computer or two. In my research with this problem i found out that most people were looking at the router as the problem when it really was not.

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now i just got the red ring of death
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oh, that sucks. It could have been directly related to your other problem though. I bet it will work normally once repaired. Good luck.
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thanks for the help anyways
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Wow, must be your lucky day.

Oh well hopefully it will all be in working order when it gets back.

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yo dude dont worry about it the same thing happened to me and i thought it was my internet and it wasnt my 360 is up for repairs because i had one red light.So send it for repairs
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yeah i hope i got the same situation as playerlino. Do i have to pay for repairs?
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If your warranty is expired you do .Mines was so i had to pay $100 .They will ask you for your 360's code and by that they will find out if your warranty is still good.
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yeah i hope i got the same situation as playerlino. Do i have to pay for repairs?D_M_G_K_M
Most likely no,the RRoD is covered for 3 years. Did you buy it new? You can submit your request onlie at

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I just got my xbox live last week and i tried connecting but my MTU kept failing. I've looked everywhere fo how to change my settings but there seems to be no solution i have a verizon modem can someone please help