looking for some RPG fan GamerTags?

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#1 Posted by mystery323x (1374 posts) -

So I recent got a new Xbox 360 and made a Brand New GamerTag and am looking for a few people to add to my friends list that are really into RPG games on the 360. Just to have some people interested in the same kind of games and maybe some people to ask questions about games I see they have played that I am interested in.

Gt- Knightjim323

#2 Posted by Allicrombie (25560 posts) -
Sure, add me. GT is Allicrombie.
#3 Posted by GamerChick2083 (481 posts) -

I like most types of games but I REALLY like RPGs. My GT is FoamySquirrel1.

#4 Posted by Ilovegames1992 (14221 posts) -

Sure, add me. GT is Allicrombie.Allicrombie

I'm going to add you now.

#5 Posted by koolyoe (163 posts) -

N E Finalwords - xbox360

NEFinalWords - PS3

#6 Posted by wiammaren (6 posts) -
Sure, add me. GT is Allicrombie.
#7 Posted by superstarmario1 (246 posts) -

Ghostlierstarr, Add me. I won't be on much, mainly because my gold ran out, but I'll be playing FF XIII.

#8 Posted by DeathtollUk (1 posts) -
Add me guys DeathtollUk
#9 Posted by gangstarapper (105 posts) -

You can add me if you want GT: Souffe

if you dont want to, thats also cool

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