looking for people who want to play with me in Two Worlds 2 adventure mode

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I just bought TW2 and to my suprise its not a bad game. Online seems like it would be a blast if i could find ppl to play with. Send me a FR it you want to play. If you don't have it yet its 8 bucks at gamestop used or 10 new. If your into hardcore RPGs this is a nice buy if you were like me and put off by what appears to be an ugly game. After you get past the downsides, there is pleny of fun to be had.

My GT is : trinitarian

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yeah I recently bought this game too! once you start playing and get past its draw backs its pretty good!.. and looks nice in 3d also!

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I love this game, I'll gladly boot this back up online! AP3X Oblivion