Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII First Trailer to Be Revealed on December 2

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#1 Posted by traeds (54 posts) -

Awesome news!

"Japanese publisher Square Enix has recently shared an image at its Twitter account, saying that the first Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer will be unveiled on December 22nd, 2012"\


#2 Posted by destinhpark (4756 posts) -

Why do they keep making sequels to XIII? WTF?

#3 Posted by Megavideogamer (5584 posts) -

In a way this is Final Fantasy 15. But I like this series. Traditional Final Fantasy fans hated it. I enjoyed this Lighting saga. So I will buy the third "13" Sony and Square Enix have kept their promise of 3 Final fantasy games this generation. Sort of..

#4 Posted by DJSAV_101 (3690 posts) -

Kinda looking forward to it. FF13-2 ended in a "To be continued..." screen so I'd like to finish the FF13 series.

#5 Posted by -Vulpix- (2386 posts) -

I liked both FFXIII & FFXIII-2 So I'll be getting this, currently playing through FFXIII even though I bought in 2010

#6 Posted by CTR360 (7388 posts) -
i hope its better game of final 13-2