Less then 4 days! Xbox One

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Posted by ShrunkThatGUY (25 posts) -

cant wait now... getting so close to the release day of the xbox one.

What games are you guys and garls getting?

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#1 Posted by thenephariouson (3961 posts) -

Pre-Ordered my Xbox One (Forza 5 Bundle) from Amazon (confirmed delivery for 22nd : ) and cant wait.

Ive also pre-ordered the Plug & Charge Kit, and will be getting Ryse & Dead Rising 3 via Day 1 'Digital Download'

..And I cant wait!!!!!!! : )

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#2 Posted by amckeel2 (25 posts) -

Getting mine at Walmart at midnight called off the Friday through the weekend. Have GHOSTS and AC4 paid off. Gonna be an epic weekend!!!!!! Waiting on the Ryse review before I buy it. Not sure what we're getting there. They're waiting till Thursday to release the review sounds sketchy.

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#3 Posted by FFF4N4T1C (925 posts) -

I have my Day One Edition ordered from Amazon. I picked up Call of Duty: Ghosts, Ryse, and one of the Plug & Charge Kit controllers. I'll probably invest in Assassin's Creed IV and Battlefield IV within the first week as well.

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#4 Posted by immortality20 (8516 posts) -

Future Shop has my day 1 console, picking up Dead Rising 3 and special edition of AC4. Digitally I'm also going to get KI (free code), Crimson Dragon and Powerstar Golf. May pick up either Ryse or a racing game but not sure, we'll see. So excited!

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#6 Posted by BattleSpectre (7989 posts) -

Getting the Day One Edition, so Fifa 14 is included other than that I think i'll go with Dead Rising 3 (Gamespot gave it a 7, yikes!) I think those two games should keep me busy for a few months. I'm already getting the PS4 too so i've spent enough money as is lol.

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#7 Posted by sukraj (26211 posts) -

I have the Day One Edtion ordered from Amazon so no waiting in line for me.

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#8 Posted by sukraj (26211 posts) -

3 days left.