Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Millionaire on XBLA

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#1 Posted by NicAgent (4686 posts) -
That would be nice. I'd love to see TV game shows on XBLA. Question packs could be produced frequently and downloaded over XBL, making repetition almost non-existant as it was in the days before online play. The game would need voice recognition though for Jeopardy.
#2 Posted by monco59 (2473 posts) -
Not a bad idea actually. I'd love a ''The Price Is Right'' XBLA game where you'd get to see Bob Barker go on a drug fueled rampage, like he did in the 70's...
#3 Posted by NicAgent (4686 posts) -
yeah i'd really want to be able to play games like this - and like i said above, given that "question packs" or wheel of fortune puzzles could be readably available on the marketplace these games would never lack replay value - this in contrast for Wheel of Fortune on N64, where it was not uncommon to see the same puzzles again and again
#4 Posted by yungboi (1466 posts) -
Family Feud!
#5 Posted by Trickshot771 (12686 posts) -
I'd rather see checkers.
#6 Posted by CaUs3 (2903 posts) -
checkers battleship stuff like that online would be cool
#7 Posted by soundsofsulfur (172 posts) -
thatd be awesome, dont they have something like it for the pc?
#8 Posted by OfficialBed (16879 posts) -
wheel of fortune ftw!
#9 Posted by Generic_Dude (11707 posts) -

I love Jeopardy!

...but I don't love the idea of entering in everything by scrolling to various letters, which is why I never get console versions of it. Voice recognition... pshaw... what are you sending us this message from the FUTURE!? Can you tell me what Florida Lotto's number's going to be on Monday? I'm broke as a joke and I've got to get PAID.

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i have another brilliant game idea........SHUFFLEBOARD!!!!! killer app anyone????????:wink:
#11 Posted by *texican (25 posts) -
I'd have to go with Price is Right. Plinko rules!
#12 Posted by prjedi69 (25 posts) -
when are they coming out with jeopardy, wheel of fortune?