Is Xbox One the right name?

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Come to think about it, I was always confused with the name when it first came out. I really thought that when people talked about it, that it was the first Xbox they were referring to. So Xbox One was called that so you can do a lot of things all in one. But without the Kinect, I'm not sure it should be called that. I guess you can watch while you play tv. But gamers don't care about all that integration, they really just want some fun games with great graphics, right? Should Xbox change their name? I feel Xbox One is a horrible name and has already developed a bad reputation. Maybe change it to Xbox Xtreme.

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It's too late now, but yeah, it's not a good name. People called the original Xbox the Xbox 1. Now people say Xbox and people think they are referring to any of the three, so I have to type the word "original" when I am talking about the first Xbox. It's a mess.

I think the creatives should have spent more time on the title. I'm not a fan of confusing names. However, with regards to worst name so far this gen, I still think Wii U is a worse name due to the confusion from the masses on Wii vs. Wii U. I know there were articles on that name as well and how people thought the Wii U was a peripheral instead of a new console.

Oh well, lol.

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I do not think so. Sony has it right in that department, keep it simple.

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It is confusing in terms of considering what the system is in release order and referring to the Xbox as Xbox Original (I used to call it Xbox One but with the new hardware I have had to start calling it Xbox Original). I think the name will be fine, I doubt it is creating much of a problem with customers given the space between both consoles and realistically the negative press about the console has affected its sales far more than the name has (in my opinion anyway).

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no its not the right name, but its cool name thats for sure.

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Xbox One may not be the perfect name for the 3rd Xbox console. But Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. are just referred by the word Xbox. So the brand name of Xbox worked well. It is much better than Wii U for the 6th Nintendo console.

So the name could be worse.

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It's a horrible name, but it's too late to change it now. I think they should have called it Xbox Infinity.

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I like Xbone for short.

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I personally would have chosen a different name, because it's so confusing when you're trying to refer to the original Xbox. However, it doesn't sound bad. Now Wii and Wii U are ridiculous names.

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better than 720

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@starwolf474: Yea I liked that name.

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Hahaha, anything is better than "Xbox 720". For a moment there I really thought they were going to use that name.

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wish they made it x720, it would be kool or x1080 since games are becoming full hd, oh wait...

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I like calling it xbox one its better than calling it xbox 720 or something like that.

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At least it isn't a Xbox 360U