How to ask for a trade in NBA2k14 My Career mode?

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I can't seem to find an option and I don't want to be on the 76ers. The last 6 games I've put up over 40pts and they still won't start me.

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You won't start in 6 games unless you are lucky, it takes like 10. Sometimes you'll get the position earlier than 10, sometimes it takes longer. If you think going to another team while still on the bench will help you, it won't. You'll just come off the bench on that team to. You eventually get the starter role. It takes time sir. :P

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Dang it. Not what I wanted to hear, but I guess I'll be patient. Thanks.

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I figured it out. If the GM asks you how you're feeling about the team, select a negative response and then the next time there will be an ask for trade option.