Hopes and Dreams for the next Gears of War?

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E3 is finished and at the end of Microsoft's conference, the GOW logo was shown. A couple of months ago, Microsoft purchased the Gears of War franchise. Last time I heard about the new Gears of War, it was reported that it's in prototype stages. That's probably why no news about it was shown at E3.

Gears of War is one of my favorite game series and is almost on the same level as Halo. Unfortunately, Gears: Judgement was a disaster and many people don't even care about another Gears game coming out. But I have high hopes for another Gears game.

Create- your- own COG soldier, return of Horde mode, COG versus Locust (Instead of Red vs. Blue), revamped Beast mode, etc.

A Gears of War: Marcus Fenix Collection would also be interesting to see.

What are your hopes for the next entry in the Gears of War series?

I also feel that the first look into the new Gears of War will be shown at VGX this year. Judgement was shown there last time and I think that would be the perfect time to get a CGI trailer at least.

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We'll see some sort of Gears footage later in the year, I'm sure of that.

May be minor but I hope they implement a better blood/gore system as Gears 3/Judgement's are not as good as their predecessors, way too cartoonish and unrealistic.

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Us gears fans have to wait at least until holiday 2016 for a new gears, if we're lucky. Microsoft flipped the bird to all gears fans at this e3 pretty much.

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What about Split Screen ! ! ! :o

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@thecruzan: I own all the GeoW games. As long as this new developer does a good job, I'll pick it up. I like GeoW.

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A more dark and gritty survival/horror campaign, with less humor (although there should still be some). I'm not really sure about the story itself, but in the gears of war universe, because it doesnt have much backstory like halo, anything could really happen. Be cool if it had a deep squad system, where each time you play through campaign, you make choices which impact how squad feels about you/who survives and whatnot.

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Very disappointed that this game is Black Tusks future. The series was good and all before Judgement but this series should seriously be buried now that Epics not doing it. Black Tusk could be great at other things but Epic has always had a style about their games that cannot be duplicated regardless of talent.

Basically I think one of two things will happen. Either the game will feel extremely cookie cutter or BT will do their own thing to it and it won't feel much like Gears. I personally think the studio should be devoting their time to a brand new AAA IP.

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I hope for some new characters and a new story that improves off of the original one.