Help finding another RPG with high replay value

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As the title implies... I've gone through every RPG I've found through internet recommendations and reviews. Need some help moving on to another. These are the ones I've enjoyed the most: Elder scrolls/fallout series (obviously) Mass effect series (again obvious) Fable series The Witcher 2 - LOVED this one I'm waiting on two worlds 1+2 through amazon as well. I want to stay away from the dragon age games though. Basically this is what I want (in order of importance): 1. Choices that actually have consequences. I found that the witcher 2 was the most fitting for this criteria. The elder scrolls series was lacking here. I mean I want to be forced to make tough decisions that will affect the storyline of the game, not just the typical "save the good guy or help the bad guy" crap that we've seen in every generic RPG ever made. 2. Massive open world with lots to explore. I don't like the feeling of being told where to go when I'm playing an RPG. That was my only complaint about Mass Effect. While there were side quests and plenty of places to explore, I felt that the main quests were always forcing me away from enjoying the open world experience (partly because the side quests were so frigging tedious). 3. Hours of gameplay. While fable was a pretty fun and lighthearted game, it was too short to enjoy it fully as an RPG. I prefer oblivion's hundreds upon hundreds of hours spent replaying and becoming a badass... over... and over again. 4. Storyline. I was so enticed by the story offered in the witcher 2. It felt like a movie. The same can't be said for fable. The bland characters and plots were more than enough to discredit the rest of the great pros of the game. Innovative, compelling story lines are more important than gameplay in RPGS (to me anyway). 5. Customization. I like choosing races, classes, weapon types, etc. Individuality makes for high replay value. Playing the same character again and again just gets old. Anyway I doubt there's a "perfect game" out there for my picky tastes, but if you can think of any I missed I'd love a few suggestions.
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amalur dragon age 1&2 tales of veseria
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Dragon Age: Origins, Don't know if you like Final Fantasy, but i like 13 and 13-2. But you could always try out Final Fantasy X HD. That is one hell of a game. Hundreds of hours of gameplay.
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i like 13 and 13-2. But you could always try out Final Fantasy X HD. That is one hell of a game. Hundreds of hours of gameplay.
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KOTOR 1 and 2 are both backwards compatibles and two of the greatest RPGS, if not games, of all time.

In that mould, Dragon Age is a must play too. 

There are games like Resonance of Fate and Tales of Vesperia i'm kind of putting off getting though.

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Sacred 2 has pretty high replay value
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1. Heavy Rain

2 Arkham City

3 Anything longer than 30 hours is a grind.

4. Then quit screwing around and just watch a movie.

5. Mass Effect, Lost Planet 2.

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kingdons of amalur reckoning

fallout 3 game of the year edition

red dead redemption

fallout new vegas.

mass effect 2

dx hr

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Dark Souls (hard game) Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Lost Odyssey (jrpg) Diablo III Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga Torchlight (arcade) Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (if you like loot gaming) Two Worlds II
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Far Cry 3

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All of the mass effect games for sure

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Deus ex, new vegas, dark souls, borderlands, TWD

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@Gama_Forever said:

Deus ex, new vegas, dark souls, borderlands, TWD

borderlands is also a decent game.

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Dark Souls and Borderlands.

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Try Wartune.

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I also recomend Mass Effect trilogy

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I would recommend the Borderland series. However, I find the game much more fun if you play with a friend. Playing with yourself is okay but the more the merrier!

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@buccomatic: Red Dead Redemption is not an RPG.