Help converting my kids Gamertags to new Xbox live Family plan

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#1 Posted by crazydocx (25 posts) -

I have had my xboxlive acount for 8+ years, just upgraded to family plan

My kids have there own xbox 360, never previously connected to xbox live or the internet. They have their own gamertags with achievements stored on their xbox

My account resides on my xbox 360. I understand that I can only add additional members to the family plan from the machine where the main account lies.

Is there any way for me to convert their Gamertags (with achievements) to the family plan. I realize they may need to change the name but they would like to keep their achievments if possble.

I can't find a way to export their gamertags to transfer to my system to convert to the live plan.

I don't want to move my profile to their system unless I have absolutely have to, or unless I know for certain this will work.


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From what I remember, when I wanted to do this I had to call Xbox live and they can easily help you up and set you up!

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Thanks, will try.