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I have a budget of $150 and I am looking for a headset that can be used on the 360. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews on turtle beaches, i know they are probably the most popular but im just not sure if there are better/cheaper ones out there. I play FPS games such as cod and battlefield. If anyone could recommend a solid headset that can be used on the 360 for under $150 it would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!

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Generally you want to stay away from a "Gaming" headset of any kind. These companies who make Turtle Beach, Tritton, etc know very little about audio or headphone technology.

Since you have $150 to spend, I would just save a little more and get a real setup. For about $30 more, you could get yourself into superior audio that sounds 10 times better than even the $300 Turtle Beaches. Buying a brand like that is like buying a musical instrument from Toys R Us. Ironically these are brands that would be sold at Toys at Us.

A great entry level setup would cost you about $185 on Amazon but sounds like the audio of a $500+ setup.

Superlux HD668b's $45 (these $45 headphones are comparable to $200 to $300 AKG's)

Astro Mixamp Pro $130

Zalman ZM Mic1 $10

This is really all you need. Not marketing gimmicks from companies that make generic console accessories who know not a thing in the world about headphone development.