Harvest Moon 360!

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#1 Posted by JCxDenton (48 posts) -

i think the mojority of 360 owners enjoy halo and gow and graw ...etc...

but what do you think of a possible harvest moon game on 360?

ps2 got 2 and gcn got 2 last gen ...

who thinks we need one? 

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#2 Posted by MTBare (5176 posts) -
Only liked the one for N64 as a kid, I'm not so sure on how much I'd enjoy farming now..
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#3 Posted by DandyMatt (25 posts) -
i really enjoyed harvest moon friends in mineral town - i really enjoy havest moon livin a farmers dream really - i would love a new harvest moon for xbox360 or ps3
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#4 Posted by Expo_Smacko (2332 posts) -
No Harvest moon for the 360 please. Keep that to Nintendo.
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Ive found over time that the HM games have been falling behind in quality and freshness. They need to make some changes(like they did with runestory) to give it some life

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#7 Posted by Smokescreened84 (2565 posts) -

If it's done right, allows for choice of gender, has a lot of different ways to play and is a lot of fun, then sure, I might buy it if one came one. But only if it's done right and isn't another cut up, glitched mess like they have been in recent years.


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#8 Posted by doll94 (1559 posts) -
i would love it.. i played the gamecube ones so much
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#9 Posted by ComradeCrash (2519 posts) -

I think it would be weird on the Xbox. I have Rune Factory: A Harvest Moon Story on the DS and works with the system and seems to belong.

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#10 Posted by PlasmaBeam44 (9052 posts) -

Those games are normally low budget so they keep them to the Wii and DS. The series has also become stale and each game is just another flop after another. The creator of the series has moved on and made a similar series called Rune Factory that is much superior to Harvest Moon now.

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#11 Posted by kansasdude82 (25 posts) -

The company has made Sony Playstation games

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It would be fun, but I doubt it would happen. Also, this thread is more than 2 years old.
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I loved Harvest Moon on N64, I still got it in my closet somewhere just in case i feel the need to farm. It would be so amazing if they came out with a really really well done version for 360. I don't see how it would be hard to make it, if they just made it a waaaaay better 3-D version of the old one with like a huge overhaul, new story, new town and environments, and new things to do. Plus they'd have to add tons of hours of story, and side stories. And customizable characters with Alternate endings. But is that too much to ask for? lol Really though I don't think so when you look at some of the amazing games out there (Bioshock and Fallout come to mind) If only there was something the fans could to to convince a company to pick it up.

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The Wii has like 2 already, and theres more to come, I don't think they would move to 360, it probably wouldn't sell as much as it would on the Wii.

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Depends on the look of the game. For me if its still the old game play and graphics then im gonna pass. However if they could make it similar to fable in graphics and game growth it would be a sure buy.

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#16 Posted by Sharpe543 (25 posts) -
By the way Harvest Moon isn't just on nintendo systems it's on sony systems too... Anyway I would love it if Harvest Moon came to the Xbox 360 system, i'm sure the graphics would be amazing, they'd just need to work on some sort of new story line, or maybe just completely update the N64 version, thats almost everyones favorite from what i've read.