Halo 4 Armor Hunting... please..help...

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Ok, so i need some help, anyone kind enough to do this for me, i will do anything i can to make up for the act. So, Halo 4 is all i have been playing sense it's release, and it is truly an amazing game! In all my free time, i play and play and play, and see soooooo many armors i drool over (not literally) but i just can't get my hands on them... The Locus has been the one that has caught my attention the most. Unfortunately, i do not have access to the requirements to get this helmet, and that upsets me because all i want to do is stand out and be recognized, but can just never seem to get to the things i want most... I have a job, i work very hard every day, but i can barely make it by with the rest of my family... I am asking for help,not a giveaway (i don't like free things, i like to show appreciation somehow) to get the Locus and other pre-order armor for Halo 4. I feel incredibly awkward coming to a forum for help, but i can't get any help anywhere... Please, somebody...anybody...please help me get these armor codes ( Locus alone would be amazing even) and i will do whatever i can to repay for the help!
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cry more

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Im afraid you wont get much help here.
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