Half Life 2 Keep off The Sand Achievement. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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#1 Posted by hillelslovak (9211 posts) -
I was wondering if this achievement, in which you have to cross the antilion beach without touching the ground, if you have to stay off the sand during the boss battle too. Please help.....
#2 Posted by Alpha172 (1437 posts) -

From what I have heard, you get the achievement as soon as you get on the cliff which leads to the giant bug fight. Also if you touch the sand, even a inch it will not count towards the achievement, you will know if you hear the ground rumble without the bugs popping out.

#3 Posted by BIG_DADDY_CHAR (146 posts) -
i think you do have to kill the boss because i did it all and when i jumped off it didnt unlock, you need to kill the boss. i think
#4 Posted by mattg90520 (3115 posts) -
well, the boss doesnt appear until you step down onto part of the sand.... i dont know. i did all i could to get it, even used the debris to keep off sand during that fight. i didnt get it...