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Ive been playing my GTA V on xbox360 perfectly but my little sis bumped into my console while I was playing online and it hasnt worked since. This led me to believe the disc was scratched. Resurfaced it, still not working. I have deleted and re-downloaded all the updates, cleared my cache nothing is working. At one point I had taken my xbox apart to clean it and then tried it. The game didnt freeze but then I realized I forgot to put the hard drive back in. So there must be an issue there... I am new and really really need help because I NEED to get online like NOW or ill die of boredom. PLEASE HELP ! Idk what else I could do

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First of all welcome to the forums ScorpionQueen. Now, you stated that once you cleaned the inside of your Xbox 360 it was no longer freezing? Just slap that hard drive back in and you're good to go.

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@scorpionqueen: Did you get your game to play without freezing? If not please provide more details, such as.. Does it only do this with GTA V, have you tried other games? etc.

If you need any more help then please ask away. I can take you through a step by step guide to help you fix the issues you may be having.

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@punksterdaddy: thanks so much I just ended up getting a new one. I appreciate the help