GTA IV cops and robbers?

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I'm not sure if any of you have played SAMP on the pc (san andreas multiplayer), if you have then you'll know what im talking about but for those who havent ill explain.
Cops and Robbers was pretty much what it sounded like, one team plays cops the other plays robbers. There was never any real objective but generally the robbers went around commiting crimes and the police had to apprehend them without killing them (unless they did something real bad then they could).
Me and my friend were just messing around the other night on gta, he stole a police car and proceeded to tail my bike throughout the rest of the game and some awesome stuff ensued.
We thought it would be a could idea to see if anyone was interested in playing this with a decent number of people.
Ask any questions you want on how it works if you still dont get it and if your interested.

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im very interested but i dont have the episodes if that matters...?

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nah we dont either, so its fine

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Hell yeah, it's always cool when everyone participates in a good game.

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anyone else?

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alright i dont know how we are going to work this seeing as we are most likely in different time zones just add me (bobbit 1042) on xbl and we'll sort something out when we are all online

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GTA IV already has a Cops and Robbers themed online game room.
Perhaps this may be what you're after.