GTA IV - Brucie's Races Help

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#1 Posted by ChiddaPotta (1670 posts) -

Ok, im having a little problem here, i've finished the game and done a few of Brucie's races. to be more specific about 4-5 races. But now everytime I try to call Brucie for a race he always says there's nothing going on at the moment or call me later. It happens at every time at every place. I really need some help on this.

PS, I do use cheats in the game for cars,ammo and others. I wonder if that's the problem.

#2 Posted by LeviLRP (751 posts) -
There are 3 races on each island. Lets say you do 3 races on the first island, now you have to call him from one of the other 2 islands in order to get another race.
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Oh i see. Well im pretty sure i finished Algonquins and Bohan's.
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Yeah and also you have to complete two circuits (20 races) for the achievement.
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Yeah and also you have to complete two circuits (20 races) for the achievement.Strife88

Ya but you can't do that until you complete all the races on all the islands.

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Also worth noting is that you only need to do the 9 races for 100%
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if he isnt giving you any races on a particular island it means you exasuted them which means you have to move onto a nother island. like i finished all the Alconquin races so if i call him from Algonquin he wont give me any more but as soon as i cross a bridge there they are