Gears of War 4 - Xbox One Predictions - What weapon is your main preference?

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Poll: Gears of War 4 - Xbox One Predictions - What weapon is your main preference? (14 votes)

Gnasher Shotgun 36%
Boltok Pistol 0%
Lancer Rifle 29%
Snub Pistol 0%
Longshot 7%
Torque Bow 0%
Boomshot 0%
Digger Launcher 0%
Grenades (all) 0%
Hammerburst 7%
Retro Lancer 14%
Sawn Off Shotgun 0%
Breechshot 0%
Marksman Rifle 0%
Gorgon Pistol 0%
Hammer of Dawn 7%
Melee 0%

Whats your predictions on Gears of War on the Xbox One?

Mine are:

  • The game will be a reboot of the series, it will feature redesigned cover and shooting mechanics, using the Unreal Engine 4, the game will feature photo realistic graphics with high end lighting and shadows.
  • The game will be a sequel to Gears of War 3
  • The game will focus on the original GoW trilogy rather than the poorly received GoW Judgement.
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I'm not sure how it can be a sequel to GoW3 unless they don't intend to use Locust.

Also, is this confirmed or just speculation? I'm not planning to buy an Xbox One, but if have confirmed GoW4 on it.... I may be screwed

EDIT: Nevermind, did some research. It's not being developed by Epic, will definitely wait for reviews before I even considering sinking money into an Xbox One for it.

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Gotta go with the Retro Lancer. The kickback is difficult to control, but the damage is much more significant than the regular lancer. Plus having the blade during full charge is hard to stop. Boltok would be my second choice. Popping heads with that pistol is fun.

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Long Shot.... Followed by a Retro Lancer. Boltok as my Back Up Piece and Incendiary Grenades.

What Black Tusk decides to do.... Better do it with Spit Screen across all modes !

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Keep it Gears 1 style. Only Gnasher and Longshot. All day.

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I'm really eager to see this game in motion, the devs are teasing saying it's going to look phenomenal and using all new technology for the game engine. This will be a Day 1 buy easy, as soon as it's available for pre-order I'm jumping on it.

#6 Posted by magicalclick (25710 posts) -

Hammer of Dawn with instant focus and no cool down. Or HammerBurst I think, I like its power and accuracy.

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At least Rob Ferguson is apart of the game so that makes me happy !

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Longshot, I'm a sniper by preference. The hammer of down and mortar are really fun weapons as well; taking out whole fields of grubs,

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Lancer Rifle

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If its anything like judgement i probably wont get it

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retro lancer and the gnasher

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Haven't played the game in years, but I can say I real real real like the chainsaw.

I remember playing matches just trying to chainsawing other players, I usually failed though.