Gave up on Battlefield 4

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I'm usually pretty patient with game companies in fixing their game issues after release but there are still far too many server issues with disconnections, rubberbanding, unplayable singleplayer, stats lost, stuttering(mainly in 64 player matches)...and not to mention lack of communication from other players in matches, that the game is not worth playing anymore.

Are you still playing Battlefield 4 to this date? Or are you fed up with the ongoing issues and going to sell/trade-in the game? I'm curious as to how people feel about it to this point.

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I got rid of it about 2 months ago, maybe a re buy next year for 10 bucks when its working properly.

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Yeah they definitely dropped the ball with BF4. EA in general are of poor quality and it shows when they receive the most hated company in America award.

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That's what you get for impulse buying

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I've played the single player quite a few times and then save my game,only later on the single player mission was deleted for no reason.So now I mainly play multiplayer from time to time.Still a lot of bugs,but still fun to play.

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I love this game.

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This is the downside to games these days. With the advent of patching, many publishers see it necessary to release incomplete games. Worst of all, EA lied about this one. They said it wouldn't be like BF3, and it ended up being much worse.

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@Evdne971 said:

That's what you get for impulse buying

Yea, because gamers deserve to get screwed over for wanting to buy a new game with a lot of potential....


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Tried playing Naval Strike today but had so many problems getting in to games, when I did couldn't hit anything. Will leave it for a while and see what happens.

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The Torture.I'm locked in when I bought the VIP...

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I pretty much gave up playing it after titanfall came out. I now look at BF4 like it is another clone of Call of Duty Ghosts.

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I'm almost there as well. Being someone who absolutely loves the series it really sucks that i'm thinking about giving up on it for good. Considering I still have small fits of rage when I'm doing well only to get 5 or so quick deaths due to lag or some other stupid issue that we should not be having at this point..yeah I'm almost there with you. I've also had the issue of the deleted single player which irritates me a whole lot as it happened quit recently to a save that was probably 80% through the game, come on, the games been out how long and we still have that bug? I've told myself that this generation I need to be far more picky on what I actually purchase to play as last gen I somehow ended up getting way to many games. So, BF4 was supposed to be on that short list, sadly it's about to get removed.

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@MaddenBowler10: Yup, welcome to what we call "business"

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@pinokis2456: Are you high?