Games you should play right now - Xbox 360

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Far Cry 3

Story : You play as Jason Brody and his friends having a blast in the tropical island between pacific ocean and Indian ocean little did you know that island is run by pirates. You mange to escape...somehow and your trying to save your girlfriend, your brother and your friends.

Voices: Jason Brody (Gianpaolo Venuta) Liza Snow (Myléne Dinh-Robic) Vaas Montenegro (Michael Mando) if you want to see more voices press it or forget it.

Quick Review : The story itself is an amazing adventurer which I shouldn't give all out. (You have to play it) beside the story you have so much to do that can make your character stronger and you have different ability to make an enemy cry..or die..actually die because thats the only thing do you can yeah..kill them all. Some aspect of the game will reminded you of Assassin Creed games, so if your a fan of Assassins Creed games you will love it, its kind of a thinker - what if Assassin Creed was a first-person shooter.

Which mood should I play in? : When you´re on cocaine. Or feel like hunting without the real walking and shit smell of woods.

Why I should play this? : This is a game you can not miss! If you haven´t play this yet then you're the one who likes watching the world burn. not that there's anything wrong with that.

Developer: Ubisoft (the french way.)

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I only have enough cash for either the game or the coke.

Which should I choose?

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Then buy bag of weed and watch The Big Lebowski it has nothing to do with Far cry 3 but still it´s something...if you have less money - buy weed.

Or if you want Far cry feel watch Rambo 1-4 (no drugs needed, unless you want do.)

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I was going to get this game but I didn't had the time to get it and one of my friends kept shoving it in my face as if it is the greatest thing to ever come in mankind.

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I played and finished when it came out, I re-bought the game last week and I still love it. You should also pick up Max Payne 3. Very violent game, awesome.

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Yeah I definitely recommend Far Cry 3, I played it on my PC and couldn't put it down until I finished the game. Plenty to do in a rich open world, and if you haven't played it already you're missing out big time. Also don't forget about Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

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Never been big on Far Cry but I hear 3 is really good. I may have to check it out! Wasn't it free on PS+ or Xbox Gold recently?

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i finish far cry 3 i have the ps3 version i love it

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Gears of War 3

Edit: Dark Souls II :)

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Dragon Blood ? Yes !

Far Cry 3 ? No thank you.

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My 360s have been on hiatus, I can't think of any I should play right now. Maybe if they would make some more high quality 1st party titles again.

All the goodies I already own and bought.

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@azizaam: this game is trully amazing, i played the hel out of this about a year ago, and i still dont think any game could match the experiance i had with this amazing game, loved every minute of it, everything about it was well done and thought out

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Never played it but it got great reviews from gaming sites and players alike. Perhaps I should just suck it up and pick up a copy since I don't see myself buying any more (new) games for the 360 now that I have PS4. I liked the first Far Cry for the original Xbox, if it's anything like that I'm sure I'd have fun with it.

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I enjoyed Far Cry 3 it had a big open world to explore and Tomb Raider is another game I enjoyd a lot.

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Spec ops: The line is amazing and i recommend it to anyone that likes a good story and also third person shooters. Seriously, the story will grab you and there is some stuff in there you dont see coming that will make you contemplate how you play the game.

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from what i played soo far, its pretty fun

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I am not a big Ubi fan but I keep hearing how great FC3 is so maybe I will pick it up used. I still have not played dark souls either.

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cannot believe that your not looking into BF3. (unless you already have it).

on topic: i thought about getting far cry 3 since far cry 4 looked awesome, still trying to decide.

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I have never played far cry 3, but would love to.

How long is the story though, I wouldn't want to get the game when it has a short story, and is there replay value?

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@SolidTy said:

My 360s have been on hiatus, I can't think of any I should play right now. Maybe if they would make some more high quality 1st party titles again.

All the goodies I already own and bought.

Whoopty fuckin' doo!

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slim70 said:

@SolidTy said (5 months, 3 days ago):

My 360s have been on hiatus, I can't think of any I should play right now. Maybe if they would make some more high quality 1st party titles again.

All the goodies I already own and bought. (5 months, 3 days ago)

Whoopty fuckin' doo! (3 hours ago)

Ah! Oooohhh. You didn't like how I felt five months ago with regards to my multiple Xbox 360s? That's so sad. :( I spoke about my gaming 360 hiatus five months ago and you didn't like the words I typed. Man, I wish for your sake I just posted a 2012 or 2013 game because I think that would have pleased you. Ah! I'm so sorry!

Still flaming and trolling users with vitriol? Didn't get enough trolling done in those other threads, eh? Butthurt extreme!! lol. Your 360 plastic wife will be pleased you defended her honor...half a year later! Your eyes got red with fury that I couldn't think of any 360 games back then to play that you didn't even realize how old my post was as I was talking about back then before E3, haha. I figured they would have announced some mega 1st party franchise for the 360 back then, but nope. It didn't happen, lol.

It's been a terribad year for gaming in general, and the 360 has had a rough year like all machines. When I made that statement five months ago, I was more hopeful on 2014 and E3 2014's 360 showing, but I can safely say now in Sept 2014 that nothing improved at all for the 360s gaming year or gaming in general across other machines. As I said before in various forums regarding a multitude of machines, 2014 has a terrible gaming year imo. As I said five months ago, it would be nice if they rolled out some more high quality 1st party 360 titles again, but it's not going to happen.

My favorite part about your emotional outburst? My super old post is from 5 months, 3 days ago lol. A spambot bumped this thread and my truthful post is like an old time bomb that blew your mind 3 hours ago, lol. You didn't even have an comeback about the crappy year, you just went right to furious posting!


I look forward to posting tomorrow and seeing you get angry about the post in six months to a year, lol.

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@tonyx429: The main story is about 15 hours but there is alot side mission so it will take about 24 hours. Here´s a link more detailed how many hours

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@DeadMan1290: I got Max Payne also, now that was a good game! :)

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@azizaam said:

@DeadMan1290: I got Max Payne also, now that was a good game! :)

max payne is a good game but I enjoyed far cry 3 more.