Games like Dynasty Warriors

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I always been a huge fan from the dynasty warriors serie and i wonder if there are some similair games on the xbox 360.
So huge battles between huge armies, and it would be a big + if it had co op.
Already checked out Kingdom under fire 2 but it seems to get cancelled for the xbox.


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Warriors Orochi 1 and 2 which I have played and enjoyed both.I have never played a Dynasty Warriors game so I can't say for sure but I think they are similar types of games.Orochi actually has quite a few characters from DW in it.Samurai Warriors I believe is that type of game as well but I have only played SW2:Empires and it was not as good as the Orochi's IMO.All very repetitive but I guess you already know that.;)

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you tried gundam warriors or samurai warriors?

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Keep an eye out for Warriors: Legends of Troy. March, I think. It's supposed to be like DW, but in ancient greece. Otherwise, I loved Lord of the Rings: Conquest- it no longer has an online multiplayer mode(servers shut down when EA lost the movie license), but I think you can still play splitscreen co op campaign and I know you can play splitscreen multiplayer modes up to four people.
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Ninety nine nights 2, almost exactly like DW. A few more role playing elements though
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take a look at fist of the north star...its fun