Game Room takes forever to Load!

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#1 Posted by OmegaWeapon9 (1258 posts) -

I downloaded Game Room and in the front menu loading up then game. It takes forever to load. Like REALLLY!!! I had it at the screen for a while and nothing. ANyway, having the same problem?

#2 Posted by SEANSEXYUNDIES (1489 posts) -

I wasn't even aware it was out yet, Im going to go check it out. I hope it doesn't take a while to load but give it a break if it does it's new software and alot of new stuff is a little buggy at first.

#3 Posted by Plinioisonfire (74 posts) -

i dont think its working

#4 Posted by Axt428 (78 posts) -

i have the same problem then the loading screen got about half way done and that took about 10mins so i just went back to dashboard im sure it will get fixed soon enough.

#5 Posted by TrapMuzik92 (3424 posts) -
fixed now
#6 Posted by dovberg (3348 posts) -

it's working, just not too interesting.

#7 Posted by MissMorphine (1156 posts) -

what the hell is game room?

#8 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -

what the hell is game room?


just like what it says

its game that as like 20 games in it but you have to buy each game in the game...

just like that game called family night it required you buy games in the game

#9 Posted by Xbox360Gamer15 (3937 posts) -

I just downloaded it and all i had to wait for was to download the game pack....theres two....i downloaded just game pack 1 for now..........the loading times are really fast to me......faster then some other games

#10 Posted by kit352 (592 posts) -
games packs are useless. they only allow you to be able to buy the games. it doesnt actually give you anything. i think ms really dropped the ball on this one. i was expecting to see its own little icon on the menu's but you gotta go through your system to get to it. i wish it was like facebook or netflix and just be their. i was also really hoping that some or all of my xbl games would be available through it. not to be. only thing that goes in their are junk games from the 80's. not that all 80's games are junk its just that ms decided to only sell you those ones. it could have been so much more and i was constantly checking it to see when it was released. i yanking from my system as soon as i get a few of the free acheivements.
#11 Posted by -eddy- (11443 posts) -
I got E74 today when I started to download this from the Marketplace. The second I pressed 'Download Now' my screen goes green, I restart, it's E74. I'm going to get a new box tomorrow. I don't seriously blame it on Gameroom, just a cheery coincidence I thought I'd share with you.
#12 Posted by -DirtySanchez- (32760 posts) -
the game was haveing problem early this morning/noon time the game itself wont take that long to load, just some problems they are/have worked out
#13 Posted by SEANSEXYUNDIES (1489 posts) -

As excited as i was for this, It's a complete let down for me. First it takes forever to download then takes forever to start, then i couldn't download a game pack, then i noticed it had achievements. All and all im completely let down i was thinking this was going to be awesome and another great way for me and my friends to spend time together but after looking at it all im fairly cofident there will not be any time spent in the game room =/.

#14 Posted by Duckyindiana (2288 posts) -
I wish i never downloaded the thing its just crap imo, no free movement and 2 free game packs with no free games!!!