forgot my password......

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i put a password on my live account,but i forgot what it was,im currently signed in,but i dont wanna sign out cause i wont be able to get back on,is there ANY way for me to recover my password?
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haha. I'm sure you can get sorted out on the 360 site. If all comes to fail though, send the customer service reps a shout and they'll handle it. Never had to deal with there customer service before and they might suck, and maybe not.
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whats the site called?

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my bad for asking a dumb question,but thats not the password im tlking about,if u go to profile,then go to acount manegment,theres several things that u can choose,1 of em is *xbox live passcode*when u choose it a thing pops up that says,enter password,u then can make and combination of,Y,X,UP,DOWN LEFT OR RITE ON THE ARROWS,OR THE SHOULDER BUTTONS,but u can only enter 4 things.

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Not sure...might want to call 1-800-4MYXBOX and ask them what to do, or peruse the website for help; you're probably not the first person to have this problem.
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Dam...I hate that, I remember forgeting the password to my computer. Took me awhile to remember it
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There must be way to reset it somehow. If I find anything I'll PM you.

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yeah same problem!! whats the sulotion?

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you will have to use the website and the forgotton password part. odds on its remmebered on ur xbox. goto and you dont have to risk loosing the password off ur xbox and can take as many guesses doing it as u like. if u get it wrong constantly theres a forgotton password option. you will need to know the answers to your security questions in order for them sort ur password out. if u dont know this and cant log in i dont even think phoning up ms will work because to proove it is you even if you give them all ur correct details they want the answer to this before they will help you. i always forget because i put in something random so someone cant use info they know on me to answer the question. but they make me log in while on the phone to them and change it and then tell them on the phone before they will action anything for you support wise with your account.
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I looked on MS site. It says to delete the profile from the memory and then recover it. If it is an off line profile you will lose all acheivments but an online one is fine. Once deleted then recover it. The four digit code is now gone unless you set it up again.
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Just call customer service and they will help you with that with no problem at all. Just go and go from there.

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can u help me