Far Cry 3 Multiplayer Issues

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#1 Posted by MisterMayhem (25 posts) -
So the Far Cry 3 multiplayer essentially doesn't work for me. Whenever I try to get into a match it takes forever to find a lobby and eventually just puts me in on by myself and says it's waiting for 5 more players but no matter how long I wait no one else ever joins. Are there any reasons this is happening, is it happening to anyone else, or am I just SOL?
#2 Posted by ShadowMoses900 (17081 posts) -

I don't have the game, but my friend is having the same issue, he is also on 360. I'm sure they will patch this, in the mean time I recommend making sure your interent settings are adjusted right. Also make keep in mind that the single player experience for Far Cry 3 is really good, so maybe more people are simply that than the MP.

#3 Posted by flyers_hawks11 (43 posts) -
A patch Should be out shortly. I believe the developers said it on the far cry forums, possibly even today.
#4 Posted by MisterMayhem (25 posts) -
I'm hoping they get this fixed soon. I really love the campaign and I wanna give the multiplayer a shot too.