Easiest games for Gamerscore

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I fancy increasing my Gamerscore a bit, are there any easy games for Gamerscore but that are also good games generally?
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Try this list

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Forza 4

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Easiest games for boosting your Gamerscore: - Fight Night Round 3 (just pay through the game on easy and you'll get all of them) - Avatar - The Last Air Bender (1000G in 2 minutes) - NBA 2K6 (change in-game settings to make it easier, then complete achievements easily) - NHL 2K6 (same as above) - King Kong (just play through the story-line and you'll get all of them) - All the Call of Duty's (just play through the campaign on easy for a couple hundred) - FIFA's (have an idle second controller to get the achievements easily) Hope this list helps.
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Forza 4

Not that easy tbh, Walking Dead is easier
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King Kong, Fight Night Round 3, Dirt, Halo 3 (moreso if you can play with a friend), most CoD games if you play through the campaign, and that's all I can think of off the top of my head. 

I went and found you thid list that seems to be what you're looking for here.

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Avatar The Last Airbender will net you 1000 GS within the first minute or two, if I'm not mistaken.
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You can add any Lego games. Easy to play, Easy to collect the rewards and tons of fun to play.

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I think i might play some walking dead tonight.

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Megamind is very easy.

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Why not do it with games you like instead of "usually-child-games"?