Do you still support Microsoft?

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Posted by GH05T-666 (396 posts) 1 year, 8 months ago

Poll: Do you still support Microsoft? (7 votes)

Yes, FOREVER! 43%
No, They let me down! 43%
I've converted to Sony 14%
#1 Posted by sukraj (24414 posts) -

yes I support them

#2 Posted by GH05T-666 (396 posts) -

you should vote,

I support both PS4 and XBone

#3 Edited by MarcRecon (6421 posts) - posted the same thing on the PS4 boards. Why do you care who supports either system? As I said before I support gaming in general and I'm getting both systems just as I did this-gen.

#4 Posted by bumsonfire (250 posts) -

I support just MS, i have no sympathy for Sony, I hate them. XBOX 4 LIFE!