Dead Rising 3 Difficulty Balance Problems?

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Ok, so i preordered Dead Rising 3 Day One. I have come to the conclusion that this game is WAAAAY too rewarding and easy.

I understand that the developers were trying to appeal to more audiences, but the game is just SOOO easy that it is tedious and boring.

You can easily get to level 50 in one day by using the Ultimate (Power) Shout... and i wish you could remove attributes you spent.

Nightmare Mode is also too easy and they said it was as punishing as Dead Rising 1, but the boss battles are too easy.... The only thing they did was make less charges for combo lockers, make timer go faster (but still a lot of time to goof), and make zombies BARELY do a little more damage...

Was anyone else disappointed about the difficulty balancing in ths game? I thought the zombies were a threat? They seem like bigger obstacles than ever once you start getting deeper into the game, but i DO think its still a great game... we were just promised a little more than were given in this department of the game...

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I never played DR2 because I was turned off by DR1. DR1 the difficulty wasn't so much the zombies, it was more all the time restrictions escort missions and limited saving ability.

Not to say I didn't like DR1, I was just expecting a serious survival horror story and it was far far from that. I was hoping dawn of the dead and got funny campy. Since the games are limited on Xbox one I'm considering picking it up, but I just don't know. I've been spoiled on dead island and the walking dead, I'm sure this game is far from those but it looks fun in its own right. I don't mind it being too easy, not much of a concern of mines.

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@gagit811: Serious game it is not, but the time limit is no longer a factor, but beware the physics are so bad in this game that it will make you laugh or scream in frustration (example:cars blow up if you punch them once if you are level 50. Example 2: Cars blow up for no reason if they flip upside-down.)

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I was let down with Dead Rising 3. Finished the game in 2 days, story (well duh it's a Dead Rising game) was uninteresting and the driving physics were some of the worst I've played in a long time. Having said that it did have it's fun parts, but if you can I recommend doing it co-op with a friend.

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Dead Rising 3 is one of my most anticipated games on the xbox one.

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@GuitarSmash: sounds like the game has some questionable flaws, but it's ok if you can get past them.

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I enjoyed it (even reviewed it) I disliked the timed missions in the first iterations, and helping survivors was a drag, they actually addressed this in DR3, I'm actually having more fun on my second playthrough, trying to just survive the city without combo weapons on nightmare, makes it feel a bit more tense.