Cannot connect my xbox 360 controller

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#1 Posted by Katorskay (25 posts) -
well i got my xbox 360 today in hope to play dead rising which i also got today. i hooked it all up as it says in the book i start it up and was trying to connect the controller *first i tried a few of my ways but no affect* so i grabbed the booklet did what it told me to do. it didnt work. so after looking in troble shooting i moved the 360 from the wall stretched it to my bed and try to connect the controller, no effect. tried turning off everything in my room (YEAH EVERYTHING) i turnd off the AC the TV (after i got the xbox to the starting screen) my clock cellphone etc everything. exepct the xbox itself, no effect. i tried switching the batters and redoing all this, STILL NO EFFECT. can anyone help me?
#2 Posted by billybonkas (255 posts) -
Theres a reset/wireless search? button on the console and on the controller.  When mine doesn't connect, I first push the button on the console, you'll notice the 4 green lights flashing, then press the corresponding button on the controller (at the front of controller) and wait patiently... they should connect.  Actually, I think that may be what it says to do in the booklet.  Anyway, thats what works for me.
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alright that got it working. now i have my usb drive with some mp3's on it i can see that i can play the music but is there anyway to save the songs from the usb to the hard drive?
#4 Posted by billybonkas (255 posts) -
Dont know, I've only ripped from CD and stream music from my laptop.