Can't delete on Xbox one?

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Does anyone know how to delete apps or games from the Xbox ?

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  1. Highlight the app on the Home Page, Pin Page or Games and Apps page.
  2. Press the menu button on the controller (where the start button used to be)
  3. A menu will pop-up and you should see an "Uninstall option" at the bottom of the grey part of the menu along with how much space the application is using.
  4. Select "Uninstall" on the menu.
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@BattleSpectre: thank you soo much

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@redwin: You're very welcome, glad I could help :)

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im curious as to why you need to delete stuff... surely space is not a concern yet

#6 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8624 posts) -

Is this same to take off a demo? I was gonna get dead rising demo but then I bought full game. Now the demo has a icon to install on my screen but I don't need it.

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Or you should be able to say. Xbox delete all crap. :P

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@adders99: when it comes to apps I know I'm not going to use, I like to delete. I'll need it for games.

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The dead rising demo still has a icon with a little cloud logo next to it. Is the any way to hide unwanted things I have downloaded?

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@skipper847 said:

Or you should be able to say. Xbox delete all crap. :P

ha ha that's one way to delete all the stuff.