Can I connect Xbox using HDMI to VGA ?

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Hi Guys, Can I connect Xbox using HDMI to VGA to my moniter Benq E900 WA like this one :  here is the link to store: Thanx
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I'd be vary wary about it to be honest. HDMI to VGA usually requires a converter. I've not seen or heard of these cables before. So my advice, take caution. The link you gave to the ebay item, scroll down and read the instructions for use the seller has provided. That should give you an answer.
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Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable this is what you need. Most Ebgames have it used
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HDMI is all digital. No analog whatsoever. VGA is all analog. Those cables are a gimmick and don't actually work except for on very specialized computer systems. Even then, be wary. Just get the offical VGA adapter from MS. There are 3rd party ones that are cheaper but they can cause ghosting on the image. You can't do HDMI to VGA without a digital-to-analog converter box with its own separate power supply. Hope this helps and good luck ;)
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I have the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV cable as shown above and it works great - I couldn't tell the difference between VGA and HDMI when playing Halo 3 (when I first got the cable). I would advise not picking it up from eBay though as there are lots of counterfeits and they don't work well (lots of scan lines on my tv). I threw that one in the garbage and went to Best Buy and picked up one for $15 on sale at the time.

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@JatinderXD: Itz impossible to connect xbox using hdmi to vga cable! You need a converter like this:

You can buy it online !

I am using this converter cable to connect my xbox 360 to my vga monitor!