buy fifa coins prepaid?

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#1 Posted by medusacharmer (13 posts) -

I am wondering if anyone knows where i could buy fifa coins with a prepaid card? I always buy stuff on steam with paysafecard but the retailers through EA don´t seem to accept that way of payment.

Would be cool if anyone has an idea, thx.

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Halli Hallo!
Apparently nobody plays soccer games anymore! ;)
Normally you could just check on their HP and see what platforms use accept their payment method, otherwise check out this Site - here it tells you that you can purchase the coins/gold with various Prepaid cards

Cheers! ;)

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Hey thx a lot, i didn´t think anyone would have answered anymore. I checked out the PSC homepage but i didnt really find one. Perhaps i gave up to soon hehe.
Im gonna check that site out immediatly. Thx again for the help!!!!!