Biggest tip I can give to an Xbox One owner...

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Never wipe dust off the top of your console....

Never known dust to scratch plastic before, dunno what cheap shit that is made out of but it has turned it to more of a matte finish lol.

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What did you use to wipe it? You need to use a microfiber towel. I don't have mine yet but I use a nice microfiber towel that won't scratch anything.

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its dumb to use a glossy finish because every little scratch is a huge eyesore. i hated that about my ps3 and x360 slim

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My PS4 and Xbox One are pretty dusty at the moment, hell even my Kinect and PlayStation camera are. I love glossy finishes, but to be honest there's too many downsides to them even if they do look so pretty lol. I was thinking about using a can of air to blow the dust away from them, otherwise a soft microfiber rag will have to do.

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I used a Microfiber cloth thing and it still scratched, like you don't see the scratches unless you shine a light at an angle, but the dust has put all these tiny mini scratches in the thing.

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@gajbutler: Don't let it worry you, how often will you have people coming to your house shining a light on the Xbox One to see if it has scratches. Next time try a can of air.

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Yeah mine has some scratches on it also from using a microfibre cloth on it to wipe the dust. It doesn't bother me much, well the older the system gets the less I care about the look of the physical system, as long as it still performs perfectly is all that matters.

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I have never had a problem and mine is scratch free. I use the vac to get the dust off and that works perfect. No not the big handle brush lol.

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stop dusting with a hammer.. I dust mine constantly and never scratch it...

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Cover it when you're not using it. Then you wouldn't have to dust it.

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I just use a swiffer duster, never scratched the top of it

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It's not the equipment... its you!

I wipe mine down whenever it gets dusty and it's as polished as a mirror. You need to use the right type of cloth to wipe electronic equipment. Always, always use microfiber.

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Well, the biggest tip I can give you is invest in a swifter.

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swiffer duster is what I use.

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Do you guys above notice any smudging whilst using a swifter? Saw someone on a forum say it leaves some sort of a smudge on the console surface after use.

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@BattleSpectre: They make Febreze swiffers that are scented. Maybe they used one of those?

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Sorry to revive this thread, but I didn't want to create a whole new thread for this. I want to buy a Swiffer duster after hearing microfiber cloths can scratch the surface of both the Xbox One and PS4.

I have heard of people complaining that a Swiffer duster has left a smudge on their console after use, so I want to avoid that situation.

How's thisone here look? Is this the one everyone else uses around here? I've also heard Swiffer dusters are static, are they still safe to use on the Xbox One/PS4?

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You need to blow off the big dust particles first before wiping with a microfiber cloth, and use very gentle pressure. If there is still dirt/dust on something and you rub it across a sensitive surface its going to scratch no matter what u wipe with. The swiffer sounds like a good idea as long as u dont use much pressure.

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@gajbutler said:

but it has turned it to more of a matte finish lol.

Problem solved!

Gloss finishes on electronics is stupid anyway.

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I wipe it with a bare hand and mine looks fine. I don't spend much time looking at the console anyway

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Well damn, did you dust with steel wool

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I usually use my hands to wipe the dust off.

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its not the dust that makes it scratch its the cloth you're using to wipe it. mine is perfectly smoothe i use a microfiber towel and lightly swat the dust off.