Best way to set it up?

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ok i dnt want to drag this post on with too much detail so here goes, and before i say anything i just want everyone to kno im australian, so if people do say prices in here could u plz verify which currency u are referring to lol.

at the front of my house i have 3 rooms, an entrance hall in the middle, a study on the left and a loungeroom on the right. i have my computer set up with a broadband connection in my study. i have my console and tv set up in my loungeroom on the right. i dnt have an internet connection currently in my loungeroom, only a powerpoint.

i have got a 12 month xbox live subscription which i want to play on xmas day. i have 10 days to prepare this room so i can just plug it in on xmas day.

what is the best way to set this loungeroom up with a broadband connection preferably without the use of routers or anything wireless, how much do u think this will cost and who do i get to do it and how lol.

thankyou in advance to any constructive replies.

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I recommend XBox Live The Guide. Provides a lot of help on setting up Xbox LIVE from a variety of setups. Hope that helps. :)
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thanx for the very quick reply thorpe. glad to see the mods are on top of things and helping out ppl promptly
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Definately go with a wireless router, which you will connect between the modem and computer in cabling, but you will need the wireless adapter from microsoft, ($120 Cdn/US), so don't know how viable this option is to you. Otherwise you could run an ethernet cable around the room and under carpets and what not.

I use a wireless router and get fantastic signal, and it's so easy to set up.

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im australian and i dnt kno if u have this shop in america but its called Tandy, its an electronics store.

im thinking of just running an extra long cable from the modem to the xbox until i can get an electrician to fix it all up through the walls etc.

what is the name ofthe exact cord i would need and where would i plug it in the back of my modem coz the ethernet socket is already taken up by the computer, this is my modem

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i have the same modem here in california and the cable you'll be needing is a "Cat 5" cable (more commonly called an ethernet cable). it should look identical to the one that plugs directly into your PC from your modem (obviously it would be much longer to reach the lounge.) i dont know how much it would cost over there in australia (depends on how far the xbox is going to be from your PC), but at it's US$6.99 for 50feet. just put some tape or a rug over it for christmas so no one trips over the cord. hope it helps

theres the link to newegg

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thanx for the great help there and the safety tip. greatly appreciated.
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would this be wat i need?

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Assuming you have a basement you could drill a whole in the floor of your study, as well as in your lounge, and then feed the cable along the ceiling of your basement. Granted I don't know exactly what your house looks like. Just making sure you have all the options you need. Is this a temporary setup? If it is then snaking the cable along the bottom of the floor up against the wall is a better idea.. :/
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yer we dont have a basement and this is just temporary until we can get an electrician lol. but thankyou anyway, nice idea
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would this be wat i need?


i checked out Tandy and it seems like they only have Cat 6 cables, which will be fine since Cat 6 cables are fully backwards compatible. all you should have to do is plug one end in the router/modem and the other end in your xbox 360 and you should be up and running. hope you guys enjoy fragging each other during christmas!

here's the link to the cables at

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thanx mate