Astro a40 or a50?

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I'm going to buy a headset because all astro's are on sale at best buy this week. I can't decide between the a40 or a 50. Anyone have any opinions. With the wireless will i notice cutting in and out? I have the turtle beach x32 which are wireless and the cut in and out on me sometimes.

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I have the 40's girlfriend has the 50's

I prefer the 40's because it's easier to use them in other applications

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@mvalentine9188: love my A50s, and I have tried a lot of wireless surround sound headphones. They are the best I've tried so far.

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A50's are newer and more advanced, I like them more.

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@bumsonfire said:

A50's are newer and more advanced, I like them more.

There's nothing different between the 40's and 50's besides the wireless

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I have both, and while I prefer the A50s for their ease of use and lack of clutter, the A40s are more reliable by far. If you get the A50s, I would absolutely recommend getting the 2 year replacement plan either with Astro or Best Buy... my A50s have had 3 problems that required support (e.g. Astro had to ship me 2 replacement mix amps) since I picked them up last February.